December 14, 2014


DescriptionIn the summer of 1791, fifteen-year-old Miss Jane Austen is determined to accomplish three things: to do something useful, write something worthy, and fall madly in love. While visiting at Goodnestone Park in Kent for a month of festivities in honor of her brother's engagement to Miss Elizabeth Bridges, Jane meets the boy-next-door—the wealthy, worldly, and devilishly handsome Edward Taylor, heir to Bifrons Park, and hopefully her heart! Like many of Jane’s future heroes and heroines, she soon realizes that there are obstacles—social, financial, and otherwise—blocking her path to love and marriage, one of them personified by her beautiful and sweet tempered rival, Charlotte Payler.
Unsure of her own budding romance, but confident in her powers of observation, Jane distracts herself by attempting to maneuver the affections of three other young couples. But when her well-intentioned matchmaking efforts turn into blundering misalliance, Jane must choose between following her own happily-ever-after, or repairing those relationships which, based on erroneous first impressions, she has misaligned. 

My Thoughts on Jane Austen's First Love by Syrie James

One of the greatest tragedies in classic literature, in my opinion, is that Jane Austen died young, leaving us with only six pieces of work.  Brilliant pieces but only six.  Author Syrie James has given us Janeites a real gift in conceiving a novel imagining a fifteen year old Jane Austen's first love and how it shaped her as the future novelist the world would come to know and adore.

I am not wholly an Austen purist; I appreciate and enjoy a variety of Austen and Austen inspired variations but I am picky.  I accept creative license with "our Jane" but within reason - - I still want Jane to be Jane.  Jane Austen's First Love checked all the boxes with me and then some.

To put it plainly, I loved this book.  I read it in one sitting, quite an accomplishment for someone who works full-time outside the home, with a variety of outside activities, including writing, and with a touchy back and neck that often makes sitting for long periods difficult.   I simply could not put this book down.  I was enraptured from the first sentence, desperate to know about this first love of Jane's, feeling her heartache and emotions and falling in love with the feisty character of Jane as well. 

Having the viewpoint be from a teenaged Jane was inspired.  Many fictionalized accounts of Jane's life place her as either a young adult or toward the end of her life.  Seeing an adolescent Jane, with her personality developing into many of the characteristics the author Jane Austen would be noted for, was rewarding and oh so enriching.  I was particularly fond of seeing small flashes of strength, willfulness and wit that would become fully developed in the adult Jane. 

Jane's relationship with her sister Cassandra was showcased to perfection.  The sisters' clear love and joy with the other was heartwarming - - they were confidantes and seeking counsel from the other from early on.   While their personalities were different, they were a perfect offset to the other.   Cassandra was clearly Jane's biggest supporter.

As to the other characters, and there were many in Jane Austen's First Love, Ms. James penned them vividly.   From the Austen parents and siblings to the families of the Knights, Bridges and Paylers, these wonderful people came alive through Ms. James' talented hand.  Turning the pages, I could distinctly visualize the haughty Fanny, competitive Elizabeth and their snobbish mother Lady Bridges; the sweet natured mediator Sophia and the sickly Marianne; their genial father Lord Bridges and Mr. Lewis Cage and Mr. William Deedes.  Not given short shrift are the amazing estates - - Godmersham Park, Goodnestone Park and Bifrons, the home of Edward Taylor.

Ah, Edward Taylor.  Is it wrong that I fell in love with this young man that so enchanted Jane Austen in this telling?  (Don't answer that.)  Mr. Taylor seems to be the best combination of Jane's future literary heroes, complete with their strengths and foibles, bringing out Jane's own prejudices and first impressions.  Sound familiar?   He matched Jane wit for wit and adventure for adventure.  Even knowing how the story must ultimately end, my heart was hurting for these two, wanting so desperately for them to end up together.  

Jane Austen's First Love is full of romance, not just that between Jane and Edward.  We are given an entertaining glance as to the seeds of not only Pride and Prejudice but also Emma and Mansfield Park and this glance is richly gratifying.  Picking up on these ciphers made an already jubilant read an outright blissful one.

Already a fan of Syrie James and her earlier works, and having had the great pleasure of meeting her, Jane Austen's First Love only cements my opinion of her as one of the very best historical fiction writers today and one of a small and elite group of  Jane Austen successors.   Having her Author Afterward detailing how the idea for this book was brought to fruition and the immense amount of research she conducted, using real people and events, was a parting gift at the end of this work.  

Thank you, Syrie James, for this enchanting, sweet and lovely book - - one that has earned a permanent place in my home library and easily one of the very best books I have read this year.  Thank you too to Laurel Ann Nattress for encouraging the author to write this charming story.  Your dedication is well deserved.

Jane Austen's First Love is a delightful tale, not to be missed by fans of Ms. Austen, Ms. James or any reader who appreciates historical fiction of the highest caliber.  I wholeheartedly and highly recommend it. 

So readers, tell me . . . what story of Jane Austen's (based on her life or on her work) would you like to see published next? 

I'd like to hear your thoughts - - plus commenting on my question enters you for the FANTASTIC giveaway below!


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FTC Disclosure: The review copy of this book was provided by Laurel Ann Nattress of Austenprose for the book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review.  In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.  

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Jo's Daughter said...

It sounds as if I too will love this book and it's Hero :D

Luisa said...

Quite picky too but it sounds like I'll enjoy this one ;)

schilds said...

I agree. I felt that it was very true to Jane.

Dina said...

hard to say about which book Id like next, as many have been written.

Caryl Kane said...

I am looking forward to reading about Jane's First Love.

Deborah Ann said...

I liked the review of the book. After the above description of the relationship between Jane and Edward makes me think of Darcy & Elizabeth. I will be reading this as soon as I finish the book I am presently reading. Thank you for the generous give away, Syrie. skamper25 (at) gmail (dot) com

JeanMP said...

Looking forward to reading this book, the characters are so appealing.

Kimberly V said...

I don't know what I would like to see published next. I am constantly amazed at what authors come up with.
K3kdpv at gmail dot com

Syrie James said...

Lori, thank you so much for this fabulous review! I think it is quite possibly my favorite review that I've ever received! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my novel, and hope that all my readers enjoy it equally as much.

Readers, it has been great fun hearing your comments along the blog tour this month.

Don't forget: I won't be choosing winners for a whole week! Please take this time to visit stops on the tour you missed, and post a comment.
Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays!

Gina said...

When I became an reader I was strictly into to vampires. But sometimes I need a break and a different genera. I have found this time period very interesting and the more detail the better I can get into the story.

Lori Johnston said...

Jo's Daughter,

If you love Jane Austen and/or any of her works, I guarantee you will LOVE this book. And prepare to fall in love with Edward Taylor, sigh.

Thanks for posting!


Lori Johnston said...


I am supremely picky and could find no fault with this book - - other than it had to end!

I definitely encourage you to give it a read.

Thanks for posting!

Lori Johnston said...


It was so true to Jane, wasn't it? Always a delight to find books that hit that mark.

Thank you for posting!

Lori Johnston said...


Agreed! We are fortunate there have been so many to enjoy. I never tire of P&P variations myself.

Thanks for posting!

Lori Johnston said...

Caryl Kane,

I hope you have the opportunity to read Jane Austen's First Love soon. It's such an amazing read. I will definitely reread it although am envious of anyone reading it for the first time.

Thank you for your post!

Lori Johnston said...

Deborah Ann,

The relationship between Jane and Edward as written definitely mirrors Darcy and Lizzie. There are quite a few nods throughout the book to scenes from Austen's masterpieces - - very enjoyable to find and pick up.

Thank you for commenting and good luck!


Lori Johnston said...

Jean MP,

The characters are so wonderful in this book! I know you will enjoy it and treasure it.

Good luck in the contest!


Lori Johnston said...

Kimberly V,

Isn't it amazing what all these authors conceive? Color me jealous! Maybe one day you and I will have books being published!

Thanks for posting and good luck!


Lori Johnston said...

lagina reese,

I read different types of books, including vampires, and I especially love the Regency period. Have you read Syrie's vampire book Nocturnal? It's a great read, pick it up!

Thanks for posting!


Lori Johnston said...


I am squealing with delight over your comments - - no, really! My dog is looking at me as if I'm crazy. Well, more so than usual.

I really loved this book so much and am so glad you wrote it. You really do "our Jane" justice.

Happy Holidays to you and thank you for the tour and giveaway!


bn100 said...

Nice review

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Denise said...

I was never sure , that I would like these Jane followup novels. But as the saying goes, "Try them, you'll love them" and I definitely do enjoy them all immensely.

Susan Heim said...

I'd love to read a book about Jane's sister, Cassandra. Apparently, the man she was engaged to died before they could marry, and she remained unmarried until her death, just like Jane. What a tragic tale!

Sophia Rose said...

Not only does Syrie's Jane sound really well written, but it looks like I'll enjoy her side characters too. Nice review!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to read this book. I have visited Jane's house in Chawton, and enjoy imagining what she was really like.

Unknown said...

Cannot wait to read this book. Thanks for the lovely review and thank you Syrie for the giveaway!

beth said...

This book looks great and I would love to win.
dez3b at yahoo dot com

Syrie James said...

Thank you again, everyone, for dropping by and leaving a comment. It has been such fun chatting with you along the blog tour!

The tour's almost over for Jane Austen's First Love, but I hope you'll check out my other books as well, and that you'll still stay in touch. You can always find me on facebook and at, where I hope you'll stop by and say hi!

Silvia said...

This story sounds fun :) Would love to read it!