On My Nightstand


Project Darcy by Jane Odiwe

Description:  It is high summer when Ellie Bentley joins an archaeological dig at Jane Austen’s childhood home. She’s always had a talent for ‘seeing’ into the past and is not easily disturbed by her encounters with Mr Darcy’s ghost at the house where she’s staying.

When Ellie travels into the past she discovers exactly what happened whilst Jane danced her way through the snowy winter of 1796 with her dashing Irish friend. As Steventon Rectory and all its characters come to life, Ellie discovers the true love story lost in Pride and Prejudice – a tale which has its own consequences for her future destiny, changing her life beyond imagination.

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine: What Working in Veterinary Hospitals Taught Me About Life, Love and Myself by Ingrid King

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine offers a unique look at what really goes on in a veterinary hospital through the eyes of a former practice manager. The book provides insight into what makes veterinary medicine such a rewarding profession through a series of heartwarming stories.

"As a 'veteran veterinarian' with more than 30 years in practice, I found myself nodding in recognition throughout Ingrid King's heartwarming book. Take a look behind the scenes at my beloved profession, and the people and pets who make veterinary medicine a rewarding adventure. You won't regret it, I promise." - Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian" and veterinary contributor to The Dr. Oz Show

"Ingrid King offers a unique glimpse beyond the waiting-room door into the inner workings of a veterinary hospital. This collection of essays-each spotlighting a special animal friend from her past-shares smiles and poignant lessons learned from her years working in the profession. From the emergency vet care "dance" to respectfully performed "poop-duty," this purr-fectly charming book will make you appreciate your pets' clinic caretakers even more. Highly recommended!" - Amy Shojai, award winning author of 26 pet care and behavior books


Classic Movies: 14 Films You May Not Have Seen But Should by Rupert Alistair

The Golden Age of Hollywood offered entertainment and escape to a country in a Great Depression and later in the midst of global war. These classic films continued to fascinate and amuse audiences for the next decade and beyond, offering them glimpses from everything between colorful musical romps to exotic international locales and everything in between.

Present day viewers of classic or "old" movies enjoy and remember the giant titles of days gone by. Gone with the Wind, My Fair Lady and The Quiet Man get regular viewings and a lot of fan attention. But lesser known titles deserve recognition as well. These unsung classics served the same purpose and in many cases launched the careers of those who brought them to life.

Classic Movies: 14 Films You May Not Have Seen, But Should opens the door to some of these great but not necessarily recognized cinema classics. Have you seen them?