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May 18, 2009

Barbara Stager Denied Parole

Convicted murderer Barbara Stager today

I am a bit late reporting this news but I am overjoyed to hear it.

Convicted killer Barbara Stager was denied parole in March for the first degree shooting death of her husband, Russ, in 1988. Stager was convicted in 1989, sentenced to death and resentenced in 1993, with the death penalty being overturned in favor of life imprisonment. This was her first parole hearing.

If you have never heard of this case, I highly recommend that you pick up Jerry Bledsoe's Before He Wakes, a chilling recounting of Barbara Stager's life and crimes. Not only does Bledsoe, a North Carolina resident himself, dig deep into Russ and Barbara Stager's marriage, but also that of Barbara's first marriage - - to Larry Ford, father of her two sons and also a husband who ended up dead from a gunshot wound in their marital bed. For the record, Barbara was never charged in Larry's death and it was not allowed to be introduced into her trial for Russ' murder.

This woman is a cold, calculating killer who put financial gain ahead of family and love. She collected hundreds of thousands of dollars upon her husbands' deaths and for that, she should have received the death penalty in my opinion. Is there anything worse than a family member killing another for money? Greed isn't one of the seven deadly sins for nothing.

Stager is eligible for parole in 2012 and here's hoping justice for Russ Stager (and Larry Ford, although not through the courts) continue to be served.